Maintenance Service

Maintenance Service

Air-conditioning maintenance service



  • Sufficient air conditioning
  • Reduce sudden damage
  • Extend parts and machine life
  • Save electricity
  • Free from maintenance money loss
  • Eliminates the sudden stoppage of air-conditioning and the loss of maintenance
  • Fresh air and refreshing spirit
  • Improve employee productivity and customer satisfaction
  • Relieve urban air-conditioning diseases and bacterial air

10 or more, the maintenance fee can enjoy discounts and monthly maintenance fee.

Maintenance procedures and contents

  • Cleaning the dust screen

Technicians use high-pressure water guns and special potions to clean the dust screen to prevent the accumulation of bacteria and dust.

  • Check wind speed

The technician will use the wind speed gun to check the wind speed to ensure that the air supply is correct.

  • Check temperature

The technician will use an infrared temperature gun to check the temperature to ensure the temperature.

  • Basic inspection of air-conditioning system

檢查冷氣機系統及各零件的運作 。

  • Check the hose

Go to the water level and go to the water hose to make sure there is no stasis and let go of water.

The company provides a variety of air-conditioning maintenance service prices (reference)

Air-conditioning maintenance servicePlan A(Contract period is 1 year)      Provide one year maintenance (total 12 times) and one cleaning service

  • Number of air conditioners: 5 sets from $ 6350 up to 10 sets from $ 12300 up to 15 sets from $ 17750 * 15 or more discounts will be quoted separately.
  • 服務包括之保賽及清洗服務優惠價恪.需視     符冷氣機種類而定.另行報價為準。

Air-conditioning maintenance servicePlan B(Contract period is 1 year)Provide quarterly maintenance (a total of 4 times) and a cleaning service

  • Number of air conditioners, 5 sets from $ 3380 and 10 sets from $ 7400 from 15 sets from $ 10750 * Concessions for more than 15 sets will be quoted separately.
  • The discounted price of the warranty and cleaning service included in the service depends on the type of air conditioner, and the price will be quoted separately.

Air-conditioning maintenance servicePlan C(Contract period is 1 year)      Provide monthly maintenance (12 times in total)

  • Number of air conditioners: 5 sets of $ 4500 10 sets of $ 8600 15 sets of $ 12200 * 15 or more discounts will be quoted separately.

Air-conditioning maintenance servicePlan D(Contract period is 1 year)      Provide quarterly maintenance (total 4 times)

  • Number of air conditioners: 5 sets of $ 1900 10 sets of $ 3700 15 sets of $ 5200 * 15 or more discounts will be quoted separately.

Air-conditioning maintenance servicePlan E                    Provide single / multiple or specified time maintenance

  • Number of air conditioners: 1-5 sets of $ 500 6-10 sets of $ 950 11-15 sets of $ 1400 * 15 or more discounts will be quoted separately.

Air-conditioning maintenance service 

– Maintenance services include regular inspection of machine parts, circuits, noise, protection devices, vibration, fan motors, lubricants, and signing of maintenance satisfaction certificates.

– 保養服務可包括定期清理冷氣隔塵網。

– The air-conditioning radiator can be arranged to clean the indoor and outdoor radiators once a year with high-pressure liquid medicine spraying.

– If the time needs to be changed for the monthly maintenance inspection, it can be notified about three working days before the construction to cooperate.

– After each routine inspection is completed, additional test reports and data about the machine parts can be submitted.

– The maintenance fee does not include the cost of replacement parts. If replacement parts are required, we will notify and quote (customers can provide relevant parts).

– Replacing parts during the maintenance period, only the parts fee is waived and the labor fee is waived.

– All replacement parts are guaranteed for 1 month during the warranty period.

– During the maintenance period, an emergency repair call is received, and the repairman can arrive within about 1 day.

– The maintenance fee includes labor insurance and third-party engineering liability insurance of HK $ 10 million.

– The maintenance personnel of our company also hold the certificate of qualified electrician registration or relevant license.

– For maintenance items, we can regularly give customers a repair report of machine parts according to customer requirements.

– Maintenance fees and spare parts fees can be arranged for customers to pay on a monthly basis.

– If the customer repairs other than the maintenance items, the company is also willing to assist, but only charges per time.


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