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Champion Air Conditioning Cleaning Terms and Conditions

  • • Industrial and commercial customers can enjoy additional discounts if they clean more than ten parts. For details, please contact us for a separate quote.
  • 住宅客戶如同一单位內清洗三部或以上時,可享頜外折扣優惠,室外機不設折扣 優惠,不可與其他優惠同時使用。
  • The above washing machine includes: anti-mildew environmental protection disinfection liquid high-pressure cleaning Ling condenser, cleaning the dust screen, cleaning the drain tray to remove the hose, cleaning the fan, cleaning the dust screen, cleaning the machine shell, checking the voltage, checking the parts 3. Rack fixing inspection.
  • 技術人員到場後,客戶因私人理由更改時間/日期及冷氣因裝修問題,運作不正 常等導致不宜清洗而需取消工程需收取出勤費用$100,如私人理由取消服 務,需收取每部機服務費。
  • • All outdoor units must be approved by the master to evaluate the safety situation before they can be cleaned and simultaneously cleaned with the indoor unit. After the evaluation, they can be cleaned at a preferential price.
  • 凡惠顧本公司之冷氣清洗服務,可享有3個月免費檢查服務及漏水維修。
  • The company reserves the right to make the final decision on the above clauses. If you need to build a shed, the company will quote separately.
  • 以上條款本公司保留一切最終決定權利.如清洗之冷氣機機頂離地超過3米至4 米收取高位費用,如超過4米需要娣位報價。
  • The charges on the company's website are for reference only. The final charge will be based on the fee after the bidding. Clear price, no coincidence! The quotation for each project needs to be on site. If you have any questions, please call for a quote.
  • Requests to cancel or change the service date and time must be submitted to the company one working day before the scheduled date.
  • When the No. 8 (or above) typhoon or black rainstorm alarm is hoisted at the Hong Kong Observatory, the service reserved by the customer will be automatically cancelled. If the alarm is removed before 1 pm on the same day, the service reserved in the afternoon will remain normal.
  • The company has the right to amend, change or increase or decrease the service terms and conditions at any time under reasonable circumstances, and these changes will take effect immediately after the company announces or notifies the customer. If there is any dispute, The Company reserves the right to make all final decisions.

Industrial and commercial customers can enjoy additional discounts when cleaning more than ten! !
Residential customers can enjoy additional discounts when cleaning three or more in the same unit! !

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