Air-conditioning Repair

Air-conditioning Repair

Air-conditioning Repair Services

The company is a registered electrical contractor of the Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Department of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Air conditioner maintenance & engineering price list:
Water leak
Into the snow
Welding leak detection # position quoted
Window machine installed water tray
Home inspection and other problems
Supplement Snow Seed R22
Supplement Snow Seed R41 OA
  Replace the capacitor
  Set air conditioner switch
  Replace beer
  Scaffolding service
  Install water pump to the hose
  Replace indoor unit
  Replace the outdoor unit
  Replace compressor
  Replace motor
  Replace the electric device
  Replace the electronic board
  Install time device
  Test air volume
  Test snow pressure
  Test the air temperature
  Test return air temperature
  Test the drainage system

General maintenance procedures:

1. Customers call to inquire
2. Appointment
3. Dispatch personnel to inspect
4. Written or header quote
5. Immediately after agreeing to repair or recycling company repair / then try
6. Use and test
7. Finish

* 24/7 support, emergency maintenance service *

(Because the company's business hours are Monday to Saturday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, after the business hours, the inspection fee will be increased by $ 150)

(The above prices are for reference only, subject to on-site environmental quotation)

Air Conditioning Repair Service Terms and Conditions

  • Air Conditioning Repair Service Terms and Conditions
  • The company will arrange a telephone quote, if necessary, will be arranged for on-site inspection and quotation. The on-site inspection fee is HK $ 300. If the project is not carried out by our company, no refund will be made. This fee will be deducted from the project cost in the future.
  • During the inspection process, there is an opportunity to fail to find all potential problems. If other items that need to be repaired during the repair process are generated, the company will treat it as another project and make a separate quotation.
  • The customer must bury the property in advance. If the situation of the unit affects the service staff and cannot carry out the project, the company has the right to refuse to provide the service. The deposit paid by the customer will not be refunded.

· If in the maintenance process, the engineering materials may not be available for purchase in the market, the technician will replace it with the closest substitute. The quotation of parts or accessories will be adjusted according to the market price.


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