Floor Services

Floor Services

Floor Services

Our goal is to restore the floor and other hard surfaces to their previous luster, and help your floor and other hard surfaces to maintain their best condition.

Professional floor Cleaning and Polishing

All types of floors (wood, plastic, stone and marble) need to be cleaned regularly. This prevents dust and dirt in the gap. Therefore, use professional cleaners and liquids.

Whether you are a residential or commercial customer, whether it is a tile or stone floor in a residence or office, or a marble entrance in a hotel, we can meet your individual needs.
We will provide cost-effective solutions. We will always be able to provide customers with the highest standards and best quality service.

Professional waxing service

"Wax" is the protective layer of the can. It is not easy to make the floor dirty, old and yellow. Therefore, the life of the floor will be extended.

The following is information about floor and marble cleaning and waxing:

1. Plastic floor and wood floor

We first use a professional floor washing machine and liquid for cleaning. Then, rub the wax on the clean floor.

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2.Quartz, granite, brick, stone

These types of floors are not suitable for waxing. Therefore, it is recommended to use a ground washing machine and a high-pressure cleaning water gun at the same time.

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3. Marble

It can be cleaned and waxed with a cleaning machine and K1 K2. This can build a protective layer on the marble and help it keep it clean.

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4. The floor of the warehouse

Floor cleaning of the warehouse Keeping the warehouse clean can help you make more money! This is because a clean warehouse can reassure your customers.

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5. Tile cleaning

Marble cleaning refers to the process of cleaning the surface of the marble to remove light stains. In many cases, black grout lines can make marble tiles look ugly. Our technicians will use mild cleaning pads and special cleaners to clean the marble to avoid damage to the tiles, especially polished marble.

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6. Marble stone honing

Honing is used to remove scratches, marks and minor damage on marble or stone floors by removing a small amount of stone from the marble surface. After grinding, it can also be used to gradually close the stone, making it ready for final polishing or sealing.

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7. Polished or sealed

The polishing or sealing process starts with preparing the floor by making sure that any dust and residues from previous processes (such as cleaning or honing) have been completely removed. After that, we will use a polishing machine with a polishing pad to move the fine slurry on the floor and start the polishing process. Fine abrasives will gradually polish small scratches, and chemicals will penetrate a few microns into the surface and convert the calcium in the stone into a clear, shiny surface.

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