Rubber Floor Stains And Waxing

Rubber Floor Stains And Waxing

The company uses high-quality crystal wax water, quality assurance, and the effect is different. After long-term use, the wax surface will wear out and lose its luster. The renovation project of the rubber floor can remove scratches and cracks on the floor and make the surface of the floor as clean as new.

Rubber floor cleaning service

Glue Floor Cleaning Service

Treatment: During use, use clean water with a rotary scrubber to clean the rubber floor and then use a water suction machine to absorb water stains on the floor.

Glue floor waxing cleaning service

Glue Floor Deep Cleaning Service

Treatment: Clean the glue floor, and then apply 3-4 layers of special gloss wax water to restore the glue floor to light.

Glue floor staining and waxing service

Champions Glue Floor Waxing Service
Treatment: Use special stain-removing water and a rotary scrubbing machine to clean the glue floor to thoroughly remove all stains and old wax stains, then use a water suction machine to absorb the water stains on the floor, and then scrub the floor with clean water to remove the rest. The stain is about water, and the last waxing water is at least 3-4 layers.

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